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Market Your Business Successfully After The COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic brought about new challenges to many businesses, of all sizes.  Over the past eighteen months, things have reopened, but most businesses are not yet quite back to things as they were before the lockdowns. The focus remains on promoting safety and public health as things slowly get back to normal. It is essential to let all your customers know that keeping people safe is a priority for your business. At the same time, they should also realise that things are normalising in many [...]

The CIO agenda for the next 12 months: Six make-or-break priorities

The following is another great piece from Mckinsey. Besides the growth of digital tools, AI, and automation in all areas of the business, this article expands on the issues CIO’s need to deal with across the organisation. Its highlights how IT needs to be more aligned with the business. The rapid acceleration in digital, since the start of the pandemic, means that IT needs to be a business driving force and not just a tech provider. Click on the image below to get the full [...]

Bringing Fresh Thinking To Financial Services Marketing

Financial Services marketing has become increasingly challenging in building an engaged community of prospects and customers. There are many reasons for this, including the rise of content marketing, the proliferation of social media channels, and a wealth-driven economy that is constantly changing. Financial service marketers must be nimble to reach their target consumers across all platforms with fresh thinking about what resonates with them. In a recent session with LinkedIn, we were given the attached paper that was super helpful and if you haven’t seen [...]

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