Lead generation versus revenue generation

“Lead generation is the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service to develop a sales pipeline, allowing companies to nurture targets until they’re ready to buy. Lead generation can be useful for any type or size of business, and for both B2C and B2B spaces.”

I found this definition on the internet, but this is NOT what most local lead generation companies provide. Having been in sales and marketing in various industries for almost 30 years, I have found that lead generation has typically been the supply of a list of leads that have come in via some disparate channels, and that’s it. There typically is not a cohesive lead generation system that is aligned to the company’s sales objectives for that particular campaign or season, and neither are these leads aligned to the dream customer that the company would prefer to serve.

There has been an explosion of lead generation companies promising x amount of leads, but very few of them provide a solution to nurture and close these leads.

Traditional lead generation, especially in more complex sales environments or where you have high ticket products and services, is often a wasted spend. After being on both sides of this equation, 24 Seven Digital has developed a complete turnkey revenue generation solution.

Lead generation is still crucial but is only the first part of the process. Ensuring you have a lead closing system in place is often the missing link. This includes automating the remarketing, building proactive sales funnels, implementing customer relationship management tools and positioning the right processes for your sales team to close more leads.

In a constantly changing world, we often find companies haven’t changed their processes in several years or have not transitioned a portion of their sales strategy into the digital realm

We start any engagement by reviewing up to three hundred data points to show where fundamental changes are most needed. We’re constantly A/B testing each step in the process, to ensure we refine our conversion process to the point of excellence. And because no business is the same, there is a considerable amount of IP and experience added to helping our clients grow their specific sales pipelines.

Because of this hands-on approach, we only work with up to five enterprise clients per year, but our results stand head-and-shoulders above any other lead generation solution. We believe more lead generation companies will follow this route as clients unlock more value for their spend.

This table shows how 24 Seven Digital goes about adding value to our clients over traditional lead generation services.

Our solution is not for everyone, as our sweet spot is higher-value products and services. These companies tend to have more complex requirements for finding and nurturing the right leads.

This is where we use our sales IP and proven frameworks to help our clients ensure that all leads are given the best chance to become clients.

Target The Right Client
Generate Leads
Remarket To Existing Leads
Identify Why You Are Not Closing Leads
Provide Warm Leads To Close
Turn Your CRM Into An Asset
Provide Clear ROI On Your Spend
Provide Leads That Close
Delight New & Existing Clients
Turn Your Website Into A Lead Engine
Nurture Leads Through A Structured Sales Journey
Prequalify Prospects

24 Seven Digital are leading revenue engineers and focus on all parts of your businesses revenue generation process. We are different from all digital marketing and lead generation services in that we don’t just work to get you leads, but ensure your business is setup and working to convert as many of these into revenue. If you want to explore how we can help grow your business with our proven approach, please contact us at https://247digital.co.za/contact/