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What You Need to Know About Lifecycle Marketing

Here's more about how you can put lifecycle marketing into practice, and how it can assist you and your brand. Just what is Lifecycle Marketing? Lifecycle marketing is a new approach companies use to attract buyers and to keep customers coming back for more during their entire buyer journey. It is based on the concept that it is much easier to hang onto an existing audience that is loyal, and feels satisfied with your service than it is to acquire new clients or an [...]

The Struggle To Be A Great Sales Manager Today

Middle management is often the hardest and most undervalued and underpraised of roles, especially when it comes to sales management. But do you think the following definition still applies to this role today? The term 'sales management' refers to the administration of the personnel and resources used in the process of selling a company's products and services. This includes the planning, implementing, and managing of sales programs, as well as handling the hiring, firing, and training of sales staff. This is missing a few [...]

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